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Why Fit4Schools?

With thousands of individual success stories to date, we are proud to report unprecedented results for our partner schools. Our research backed programmes are guaranteed to make a significant impact in the overall levels of fitness and wellbeing. Programme delivery has been designed to be fully inclusive for all pupils. Our priority has always been to ensure ALL children feel comfortable engaging with exercise and sport regardless of their starting ability. On average children taking part in our programmes have improved their performance measurably. In many cases the children that make the biggest improvements on the programme, are often children that are the least able in Sports and would perhaps not normally engage with PE. Reward and recognition systems are used as motivational tools which encourage and inspire all participants.

To maximise impact and outcomes of Sport Premium Funding.

To provide a ‘best in class’ service to schools and their children

To promote a culture of health, wellbeing, fun and motivation in our partner schools

To ensure we are the best employers in the sports coaching, PPA cover and physical activity field and to continue to lead the way in providing sustainable career employment for our colleagues

To involve school staff, parents and the wider community in our services

Never to be involved in the promotion of unethical junk food and sugar manufacturers who are using sponsorship of sports coaching companies to market to school children

To always be actively involved in providing children with opportunities to participate in sporting activities and clubs regardless of their social circumstances. (see our Fit4Schools foundation)