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10 ways to maximise impact and outcomes of Sport Premium Funding

Since the introduction of Sport Premium funding in September 2013, there have been many grey areas around how best to maximise the impact of the allotted money. Here is a quick fire top 10 ways to ensure that you can justify the spend, to ensure it is providing the right provision for your school.


Do not fund existing provision!

This is considered a huge no go - in some cases schools have had their Sport Premium funding taken away from them.


Be data ready!

How can you prove impact and high quality outcomes? Ensure you do have facts and figures to back up what you are saying (take a look at the Fit4Schools programme for more details and testimonies from our existing partner schools).


Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Although the funding is called Sport Premium, Ofsted talk a lot about a focus on health, wellbeing and fitness. Aim to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of the children in your school – that is a sustainable goal for your entire community.


Involve the parents!

The best way to educate our children is to provide the parents with an opportunity to learn, participate and be involved in their child’s journey, in and out of the school environment.


Don’t forget the teachers!

Are you just using external coaches to provide your sport, health, fitness and wellbeing training? Make sure the staff get opportunities to team teach, watch, learn and access training opportunities. It will build their confidence and understanding of the importance health and wellbeing.


Be inclusive!

Run projects that involve the whole school. Put an emphasis on sports/fitness leadership and get the upper KS2 children mentoring and supporting the younger children.


Don’t forget the gifted and talented!

Putting on specific activities/sessions/tournaments to test their abilities is deemed as good practice. It happens throughout the school day in all other subjects.


Provide a variety of activities!

Mainstream sports are not for everyone. Street Dance, Boxercise, Zumba are just are few ways to maximise participation.


Have a plan!

Know what you want to achieve, what it is going to take to do it and break it down in to achievable bite size chunks.


Ask for help!

Contact us for a complimentary Sport Premium Action Plan review.