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7 Ways to Engage Your Pupils in Physical Education

At Fit4Schools we believe that all children can be engaged in Physical Education. Our trainers are highly qualified, motivated and highly skilled in maximising every child’s enjoyment and attainment of Physical Education.

Just a few pointers below of a few of the strategies we use at Fit4Schools!


Keep it fun!

The best way to get total engagement in any area of the curriculum including PE, is to have some fun! Put on activities that the children are going to enjoy and will stimulate them. Straight line drills and queuing for a turn is not the way to have some fun


Ask questions?

Both literally and not literally. Find out if the skills are too easy or too difficult by asking questions and tailor your activities to the children’s abilities. Ask constant questions, are the children working in traffic and on the move at all times? Are they making constant decisions based on time and space instead of being told where to move and how to move?


Continually challenge

For some strange reason we had a culture of not challenging our children physically or technically. Everybody loves a challenge! children even more so than adults. If a child can do 5 keepy ups, challenge them to see if they can get 6, 7 or 8.


Variety is the spice of life!

I once had a PE teacher who made us do the same run every single PE lesson for the whole year! We were not timed, there was no competitive edge, we knew what was coming and we were bored very bored. There are lots of resource websites with a million and one warm up games and ideas to keep the children guessing and engaged.


Move away from mainstream sports

Being a football mad 35year old man it pains me to say, but the best game you can play to get children going is Tag Rugby. It’s a fast paced game, requires speed, agility, balance, hand eye co-ordination, team work, communication and the list goes on and on.


Rome was not built in a day!

Providing a solid physical foundation and mastering the A,B,Cs is much more important than trying to teach the tactical components of individual sports. I always like to think of it as a building, you can not put the windows in before the foundations have been dug and a solid base is formed.



Yes I did say differentiate! It happens in every other subject area throughout the school curriculum. One whole class of 30 children will see many of them at different levels, both physically and technically. I refer back to points 2 and 3 ask the children, get them to show you what they can do and challenge them to do even better.