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Increasing obesity rates amongst primary schools

The National Child Measurement Programme was recently released and issued by the NHS on 3rd November 2016. It identifies the rise in obesity among primary aged children which is something we want to help prevent. Here are the key facts:

England, 2015-16 school year

  • Over a fifth of reception children were overweight or obese. In year 6 it was over a third.
  • The prevalence of obesity has increased since 2014/15 in both reception and year 6.
  • In reception it increased to 9.3 per cent from 9.1 per cent, and in year 6 to 19.8 per cent from 19.1 per cent.
  • In reception obesity prevalence was lower than in 2006/07. In year 6 obesity prevalence was higher than in 2006/07 but the early years of the NCMP are known to be an underestimate for obesity prevalence for this older year group.1
  • Obesity prevalence was higher for boys than girls in both age groups.
  • Obesity prevalence for children living in the most deprived areas in both age groups was more than double that of those living in the least deprived areas.
  • The deprivation gap as measured by the differences in obesity prevalence between the most and least deprived areas has increased over time.

Source: http://content.digital.nhs.uk/searchcatalogue?productid=23381&q=national+child+measurement+programme&sort=Relevance&size=10&page=1#top

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Enthusiasm is infectious, this was particularly true in a gymnastics lesson where pupils were given very clear instructions and demonstrations to enable them to make high-quality rolls and movements Ofsted Report March 2019, Forestdale Primary School